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Yesterday at work someone recognized me from my blog and Glampyre's reader gallery! Am I a dork for feeling totally famous!? I was feeling ashamed about the quality of my blog, and telling a co-worker just an hour before this happened. Hi to Jenna if you're reading! She looked exactly like Gabi Hoffman with a faux-hawk and has great taste in yarn, she scored some Big Kureyon, some green lace-weight Schafer and some soft grey angora. Have fun with it.

I still love the job. Lately I've been getting knitting homework, swatches, baby booties, and a Fair Isle cardigan out of the very Cascade yarn I'd been raving about. Can't tell you how great it is to have this be my JOB. Hanging out with other knitting-o-holics is just the very very best.

I will most likely add some FO pictures to this in the next day or two. I'm making a very quick shoulder warmer out of this LUCIOUS yarn:

In color 105, which has amazing depth because of the slightly differently colored plies. It's going to be my anti-AC summer sweater.



P.S. My dancing just made the record skip! Awesome.
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