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SO. Much news. This was my first week at Webs! And I recently discovered that a really awesome person I met at UMass will be starting next week. Really looking forward to getting some new knitting buddies, since Bonnie and her hambag (my bosom buddy used to carry around her knitting in an old cloth bag that was for cured ham) are very far away.

The anniversary sale was a huge justification for me to spend a good amount on yarn, which I expected. I'm spending the first weeks pay on a work wardrobe anyway, I decided. My shabby jeans just ain't cutting it anymore. I took out my lip ring yesterday, but that went right back in when Eric didn't notice after 5 minutes of forced staring. I reallized that the older ladies probably don't notice it either!

It is really fun to play knitting guru all day, let me tell you. I feel helpful and creative. I'm also always designing, and getting inspiration. My co-workers are really nice and the day goes quickly, with plenty of yarn fondling. We order from delicious Northampton eateries. It's family owned.

These are the pros. So far the only cons have been a few ageist (sp?) remarks from customers and realizing the true depth of the novelty yarn craze. It's absolutely obscene. The ladies I work with say it's "our bread and butter" but to me it looks like a cartoon character's innards! Blech! The ageism thing really galled me. This woman dragged me all over the store and had me doing crazy knitting math, crazy fast and then I said, 'oh yeah, I love to knit blah blah yarn' and she turns to me and says, 'oh--you knit??' in the nastiest voice, as though anyone under 50 couldn't POSSIBLY handle two sticks and some wool. Whatever! (I'm reclaiming 'Clueless' slang!)

So you're probably wanting to peek into my yarn bag. I stocked up on a lot, but it was all deeply discounted.

I got some navy blue Cascade 220 for a tube top called Lelah that a Craftster designed. My favorite version is this one by the amazing Winnie.

I plan to use a pale pink ribbon, most likely a velvet one like this knitter did. The pattern is on Boozehags main site.

I got some deep eggplant purple Lopi for this hobo bag from Knitty, which I may or may not felt. I like the shape and my big denim tote is just too easy to pack full of stuff, which ends up being quite heavy and I'm a intermodal commuter who doesn't need all that extra weight! P.S. for knitters in need of bags that aren't emblazoned with neon kitty cats, nothing against kitties: this designer came into Webs with some samples that totally RULE. I helped her pick out knitterly supplies for a photoshoot, and we'll be carrying her bags, hopefully really soon. Her name is Lexie and one bag had a black and white floral print, but when you looked closely you could see SKULLS in the center of the flowers! That's my kind of knitting bag, and an homage to my first sweater, Skully. Also, Old Navy constantly puts out these slim totes that are discounted to about 3 dollars after a few weeks. They're perfect for knitting storage. Scored these yesterday:

I got some yarn for this bolero from Interweave which everyone says is Amelie-esque, but I think they're just swayed by the Audrey Tatou look-alike model. I got Classic Elite Premiere, which is cotton and tencel and very soft. I didn't know tencel comes from wood, but it does. I think this will be an okay Cathay replacement, it's certainly less pricey, but maybe not as springy as there is no microfibre in this one. Oh well! I picked black because this is something I think I will wear ALL the time. I don't have a dressy jacket and I'm always shy about wearing tanktops in public, so this might solve both problems. I have a lot of huge tattoos that I'm not crazy about showing off, and this covers them.

Lastly I pick up some Berroco Denim Silk for a tank that I can hopefully wear this summer.

Also picked up some assorted scraps for free (hello job perk!) that I'll make into some wristlets or something. AND, lastly, two balls of Cascade Fixation stretchy yarn for socks. I got it in--wait for it--varigated green.

NOW, to knit all of that! I'm more busy than ever, but I also have a great big commute every day, so we'll see...

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