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This has been done since spring break, I just never had the chance to photograph it. I have several pictures of other finished and semi-finished things, I'll be adding them soon.

This was in Noro 84, one of the most beautiful Silk Garden shades ever. I didn't use a pattern, I just looked at all of the Klara's online, and figured it out...everyone kept saying "I can't believe there is NO shaping at all!" So I guess I kind of cheated...apologies to Miss Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton. I knit two rectangles for sleeves and then using a 24" circular Addi, I picked up stitches and knit a tube downwards to form the body. So easy.

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Funny story about this sweater...I was knitting it on a road trip down to Georgia, to meet the Boy's parents for the first time. As we neared their house, I was binding off furiously, asking him every few seconds, "HOW MUCH LONGER??" We were less than a minute away and I still had several inches to take care of, so he pulled into a parking lot and let me finish it. I put it on, instantly declared it lumpy, and prompted decided to wear something else.

Silly? Yeah, but I told this story and showed this sweater during my job interview at Webs and I think it had something to do with me getting hired, because it really impressed the boss. She took it and showed it off around the office. They're getting Silk Garden in, so maybe I'll knit up a store model for them in 34, the purple/green shade that I adore...

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