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Remember the book "Flat Stanley"?

Meet Flat Cami. Since I have no means of taking photos, I scan my knits. This is almost done. My work is a little sloppy, so it might become my beach cover-up; it matches my blue batik bikini perfectly. The light blue is Paton's Brilliance, the dark blue is an obscure Italian one that is identical to the GGH Mystik the pattern calls for. I like this knit, even though my technique is deplorable. It's a logical pattern, it's portable and it seems really flattering on everyone who knits it. Which I kind of need right now, since I finished Simply Marilyn in my bulky wool and...I don't want talk about it.

Image hosted by

This weekend I tried to purchase a bicycle I'd been stalking for two weeks online. I "accidently" slept late that Saturday morning, mainly to prolong a dream that involved me hanging out in a castle with Prince Harry (Prince William was mostly absent, which surprised me). Nothing unholy, just me being friends with princes! Anyhow, I went to the place and my bike had been SOLD! Heartbreak followed. The bike was gorgeous, and from England:

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I was so mad I went to WEBS, my future place of employment. They are having a massive sale, and I didn't want to miss it. Yes, I engaged in a little retail therapy, albeit EXTREMELY DISCOUNTED retail therapy.

I got some golden Reynolds Lopi to make a present for the bicycle I will eventually have:

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AREN'T THEY NEAT? They are called panniers, which is also a favorite Indian food of mine (well, pann-EER). There were so many colors of Lopi, I can't believe I picked the one used in the photo. And it's yellow. Un-me, but fun.

I scored a bag of Jo Sharp Desert Garden cotton for a very low price. Sucky yardage though. I love Jo Sharp's yarns and designs, but didn't have anything in mind for this, but it was seriously cheap. It's a lovely green. I have no idea what to use it for, maybe a longer version of Grace from Knitty, with a leaf design worked in to keep it from getting boring? It's an aran weight cotton is blended with microfibre, people compare it to Rowan's Calmer or All Season's Cotton.

Everything I like is for heavier or lighter yarns, like Cable Eight from Interweave:

Image hosted by

I can't really see doubling this yarn up, it'd be unweildy, and it is really crappy yardage as it is (60 yards/50 grams).

I picked up just ONE skein (that's all it takes!) of Silky Wool for Branching Out a really nice summer scarf. I started it while watching the depressing but beautiful film "Virgin Suicides" and ripped it out a billion times. I wasn't planning to start it for real, I just felt like trying it. Today was so leafy and green, it seemed apros pros.

I got a few balls of German super bulky merino, which is actually really light, in brown and turquoise. It is very space age. This will probably grow up to be a clunky tank top, maybe with some colorwork, something based on Teva Durham's work, which is wonderful and full of wit.

Her new book features some overly sullen looking people modeling some seriously clever designs. The leaf sweater shown in Interweave is gorgeous, but I have too many big sacky sweaters as it is...her tanks are great though. Especially the ballet inspired one with cap sleeves and this:

Image hosted by

Which I love love love. It's ventilated!

Oh, and I know that all this yarn buying action seems to fly in the face of the "I'm broke" refrain I've been crying all...well, since forever. I have to stress how very cheap it all was, after the sales and my rocking discount. And it is my one splurge, it does wonders for my attitude.

Phew. Time for knitting.

Oh, and a big HI to my mom, who recently entered the fiberous world of stitchin' and bitchin'! She is already making up sweater designs!

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From Amylovie


May 11 2005, 00:38:31 UTC 12 years ago

I've been indulging in retail therapy as well. Ain't it great?!

I love the stripes in your cami. What a great idea.

I've dated myself now, with that cliche'...but I've leapt into 2005...I now have a livejournal account. Don't know how to post graphics, photos----but hey, its an incentive to learn. Hello to you skrilla. Sorry bout'the bike of your dreams getting away.... another will come along.... The sleeves for Jovon's sweater are inching along....
Where can I find free cami patterns and variations of soft, cotton candy like yarns.... Love those things....I love cropped sweaters too....(summer, fall)THANKS!
WOW. This is hilarious. MOM HAS A LIVEJOURNAL. I can teach you how to post that stuff, it's easy!

You will need to sign up for a free photo hosting account. There are many out there, I like Photobucket because it is easy to use. If you have pictures on your hard-drive, you can just 'upload' them into an album on Photobucket. It will then automatically generate some html which will appear under each picture. You can choose the IMG one, just copy and paste it into an entry, and your photo will show up! It's simple. There are also instructions for writing html to do this without Photobucket in the FAQ section.

This is so hilarious to sure to go to my info page and click on the little person with a + sign icon, that will add me to your friends list. Then you can just log into your account, and click on Friends, and you'll see the latest entries I've made. And anyone else that you add as well.

Man, you will like LJ, there are communities for EVERYTHING. A community is like an online club where you can ask questions, offer help, etc. It's very useful and fun. And addictive!

I find patterns at, you can look at the archives and find it sorted. Some patterns are real clunkers though. The camisole pattern is here and it is a famous one in the knitting world. This one is also pretty popular: ChicKami but I almost never pay for patterns...after awhile you can look at them and figure out how it's done.

ANOTHER AMAZING PLACE, a total depot of information that will take over your life if you let it is this site based out of Boston: Craftster which has answers and patterns GALORE. Just type 'pattern for shrug' into the search bar and you'll probably find what you need.

All over the web there are things called Knit-Alongs where a group of people will all knit the same thing. It's often one of the free patterns written by some of the 'rock stars' of the knitting world. My favorite is Stephanie Japel, she lives in Germany and designs amazing things that are based on the principles of Elizabeth Zimmerman, who didn't believe in following patterns. She is also a scientist!

Click here for a PDF full of shrug patterns. If you can't open it let me know.

They are THE thing to knit right now, and they're great for beginnners. Let me know if you have any trouble with reading pattern directions!

Sorry to bombard you, I'm just excited to have this in common!