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A draught, then three entries in rapid succession!

Happy Birthday to me!

This is the pink scarf I mentioned a few entries back. It was knit by a BOY, a boy who looks like Gaston from 'Beauty and the Beast' and it is perfect! I've never been given anything handknit! It's great! This is Malibrigo in Cactus Flower, and he knit this so fast that I am kind of sick with jealousy. If you order from Webs, it's likely that your order will be packed by the same hands that knit this piece of loveliness.

I was really sick this weekend and still looked kinda pale when I returned to work yesterday, but this made me look like I'd been off at a day spa. I love black as much as the next girl, but every now and then I have a jones to be pretty in pink.

Thanks Beavis (when he isn't reminding me of Gaston, he's reminding me of Beavis),

CR =)
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