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Viele worter.

So I'm enjoying a day off, after a 7 straight day run at Webs. I worked 6, and took a class on the 7th. Good times! It wasn't difficult, but by the end of it I was dying to

a) Sleep in 'late' (about 9:00)

b) Bum around town, esp. Jones Library and Raos, my second favorite coffeeshop that I haven't been to almost all summer. It's perfect for studying, and the art on the walls is the only thing better than the people watching. Work keeps trumping the tasks I had for myself this year, and that isn't good. I need to stop knitting round the clock and start studying for the GREs more intensively, working on my application, and focusing on a research area. It's my biggest UFO!

c) Knit my own stuff! I've been doing swatches for the store, surprise gifts for people and that cardigan for Stitches Midwest and Stitches East. I haven't even been keeping track of things on this journal because Eric's camera is broken. Apologies to my tiny readership!

The cardigan came out okaaaaaay...the yarn is lovely, it looks like Lopi but is infinitely softer and better to work with. It's an easy pattern, that's for sure. BUT--the finishing riled me. Weaving in bulky yarn ends was just too much for me...I threw it across the room a couple of times, I'm not going to lie. They showed through or looked awful almost every time. And it was fair isle, so there were MANY. The pressure to make it look perfect was really intense, but I finally had to just leave it at work, because it was giving me major knitter's anxiety. If any of you are going to Stitches, look out for my Neapolitan ice cream sweater!

What else? I made a wombat for Ben Lee, who is the musician I adore most. I knit it throughout the show, but stopped when I got to the ears, because I was a little tipsy and also because the music was getting really good.

I made a Steek Vest from Loop-D-Loop, but it's too sexy and not in a good way. In a naked way. You can't really wear anything underneath without ruining the steek effect, so I'm reknitting into the Webs team uniform, the Ballet Tee. EVERYONE is making one, and with our store discount, it's about 10 dollars worth of Cotton Fleece, so I'll probably make a couple if it comes out nicely.

There is more, I'm swimming in yarn and projects. I got some lace yarn from which is essentially Malibrigo. It's not as soft, but I'm looking forward to making some lace shawls this winter. I'll probably start with the Elizabeth Zimmerman Pi shawl, the one that looks like a sunflower.

Lately I've been planning a few felted bags, I'm excited about those. Details on those later.

OH, one MORE thing. I saw "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and while the only actual needlework done on camera was crochet, the Bucket house was FILLED with grubby knitted objects...which, if you washed them, would look a lot like items from the new Rowan magazine, which I think I'll have to plunk down $19.95 for, because it's fabulously art directed. The Craftsters have noticed, too! That's one of fantasy careers, art direction. I'd love to be the person who decides that Helena Bonham Carter should wear holey fingerless gloves.

This is way too much text, I'm exhausted! I'm planning to take a little yarn inventory soon and that's going to be a little daunting, and it's sure to induce a little guilt, so I'm just going to knit my way through it.

Needles poised...

Ready, set, knit!

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