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Stegosaurus sweater and I are in a fight. I basically finished it, but it's trying my patience. SO MANY ENDS. My fault for wanting it to be so's also a tiny bit too big. The whole point of knitting a top down sweater in the round is that there is no finishing...not so with this thing.

This was a really experimental piece, I'm not too fond of how rough-hewn it looks, but then again, I guess that's part of the aesthetic.

The minute I put it on I decided I want to make a slinky black version, something you'd see on a ballerina. This is probably going to become a house costume, just like my Monkey Thinking Cap and my child's XL size Abercrombie Academy short-shorts. It's a great design though, and a really fun knit. I'm probably getting a camera this weekend, I'll post pics then, when all the ends are weaved in. It's currently sitting in the time out corner.

I read Maggie Rhigetti's knitting handbook again while I was on duty. It made me care a lot more about technique. I'm so quick to just invent methods of doing things, when there is already a neater one out there. I have to learn to slow down and do things correctly instead of just faking it.

The interview at WEBS went really well, I think. Found out that if hired I can take the classes for free...including a prep course of TKGA Master Knitter certification. Silly, but secretly I think it'd be really rad to be a certified knitting expert.


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